2017 New Year's Reflections

Happy New Year, everyone.
I am happy to hear everyone was able to bring in a peaceful New Year.


Our 3rd Three Year Plan will be finalized in May based on three core pillars, namely "Boosting company strength", "Global outlook" and "Facilitating work". The entire company is in the middle of a final spurt towards our set targets.

This year is also a vital year for formulating our 4th Three Year Plan which will take us through to 2020.
As you are no doubt aware, we strive to extensively contribute to packaging the world's products through our Team OMORI network and our five overseas brands, Beijing Omori Changkong Packing Machinery, Omori North America, Omori India, Omori Thailand, and Omori Europe.

Last year, following a request from a multinational corporation, Omori was selected as an approved supplier partner following an extremely strict screening process.
Omori was recognized as a manufacturer of packaging machinery for our ability to provide a stable supply of packaging machinery to this corporation's various plants located across the globe, and for our ability to ensure the provision of an infallible maintenance system, and this recognition is due, in no small part, to our efforts made over the last several years to build up our global network.
I see the mission of Team OMORI as being the establishment of the technology and know-how found at Omori in Japan at local subsidiaries, and to deliver products and services to customers the world over at this high standard.

This is also the year that the Japan International Packaging Machinery Show is held. This represents an extremely important exhibition event for the company, and preparations are now underway to show off various new development initiatives and plans for the future. I hope that anyone who has the chance can make their way over to the venue.

This year marks the Year of the Cock. While this refers to a bird, it originally referred to a sake pot, with one theory tying this back to the act of producing sake from the fruit harvest.
If this means that this year is one where we finally bear the fruits of our labor, then 2017 shall surely serve as a year in which our company truly produces results.

This year marks the 60th year since the company was established (1957), and the 69th year since its founding (1948). Our goal as a company is to meet the expectations of our customers while wearing this sense of history on our sleeves.
I ask for your continued guidance and encouragement in this matter.

Finally, I pray that this year brings with it countless blessings for you all.

Omori Machinery Co., Ltd.
President and CEO, Toshio Omori



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