Why Omori?

Three Strengths that Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Offers

We’re a pioneer among packaging machinery manufacturers, and there’s a reason why our customers keep choosing us; namely, the expertise and technology we’ve accumulated over the years, along with the new technologies that we develop to satisfy our customers.
To this end, we are pouring our efforts into research and development each day.
As a result, we have earned an excellent reputation that “if you go to Omori, they will do something good for you” and “Omori will make your imaginations a reality.”

Flexible Response

We respond to every request by engineering the line

We use the technical capabilities and network we have accumulated to propose integrated packaging lines that meet a variety of demands for automation, labor saving, and environmental friendliness.

With our extensive lineup of machinery, we excel at proposing overall systems for the packaging process. We have built many integrated packaging lines with not only packaging machines that handle the actual packaging operations, but also by combining them with the conveyors that transport items between machines.

  • Palletizing
  • Boxing
  • Multipacking
  • Individual packaging
  • Product feeding
  • Product Inspection


The automatic stacking of corrugated cardboard onto a pallet.



We assemble decorative boxes and cardboard boxes, pack products into boxes, and seal them.



Multiple individually packaged products are assembled into multi-packs.


Individual packaging

The supplied products are individually packaged by the packaging machine.


Product feeding

Products from the previous process (manufacturing machine) are fed to the packaging machine by a feeder or conveyor.


Product Inspection

After measurements, visual inspection, and contamination inspection, products from the previous process (manufacturing machine) are moved on to the packaging process.

A track record of introduction in various industries

Omori handles packaging machines suited to a variety of industries, with food, pharmaceutical, and general merchandise prominent among them. We have a track record of introducing a wide range of machines, from space-saving types to models for large lines.


We can also accommodate packaging systems with special specifications tailored to customer requirements. We offer a great number and variety of optional equipment and peripherals.

Technological Strength

Industry-leading technology

Since our founding in 1948, OMORI has always developed original packaging equipment that meets the needs of the times. Our high-speed seal packaging technology ranks with the best in the industry. We have solid technical capabilities that address the needs of customers who want to use paper packaging materials that are difficult to handle in packaging machines.

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High-quality, sturdy packaging machines that also realize diversity

In addition to the packaging finish, we also focus on improving operability and maintainability of the packaging machine itself. We are constantly developing and enhancing our packaging systems with diversity in mind, in order to make them easy to use for anyone, regardless of gender, nationality, or age.

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OMORI Spirits

OMORI Spirits represents the spirit of our founder, Shozo Omori, and has been passed down within the company to this day. OMORI Spirits is the history of Omori’s growth, as well as the central pillar that continues to support the company today. We believe that this is our company’s precious identity, which must never be lost if we are to remain a company with a solid core that continues to contribute to the world into the future.

Service Capability

Extensive service networks, both in Japan and overseas

We guarantee full after-sales support to enable our customers to use our products with peace of mind after installation.
To prevent packaging machine malfunctions, our expert service staff handles the replacement of consumable parts and maintenance.

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A solid domestic support system

We provide after-sales support to customers nationwide from our 11 service locations in Japan. We provide prompt and thorough support for packaging machine malfunctions and maintenance requests.

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Global Network

We conduct global sales activities in cooperation with our 6 overseas subsidiaries and our overseas sales agents. We use our technological strength from Japan as is, to manufacture and market machines that take advantage of the regional characteristics of each of our overseas locations.

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