OMORI's in-house-developed robots, Compact palletizing system (which address challenges unique to food factories) and Packaging Robolution, upgrade productivity and conserve manpower in the packaging process.


  • Ample advance tests enabled OMORI to design the optimum hand.
  • Offers space-saving and simple size change solutions.
  • Compatible with various robots and robot manufacturers.
  • Operator training/Compliance: Special training (safety) available.



  • Space-saving palletizer for stacking pallets of products packed in cardboard.
  • The palletizer rotates one box at a time on the conveyor, and performs pinhole stacking (in variable patterns). Pallets are manually replaced when stacking is complete.
  • The machine uses general-purpose parts as much as possible and is configured with a small number of parts.
  • An automatic empty pallet changer can be installed as an option to automatically discharge actual pallets.


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