2018 New Year's Reflections

Happy New Year, everyone.
I am happy to hear everyone was able to bring in a peaceful New Year.


The 3rd Three Year Plan came to an end in May of last year. It was incredibly pleasing to see us meet our targets. This achievement is solely due to the fruits of the joint endeavors and support of each and every one of you. In June of last year we established and shared among all employees the 4th Three Year Plan, which is set to last until 2020 as a common launch pad for a new set of objectives. The clear plan of action for us is "clarifying the OMORI SPIRITS and to contribute to the international community, across the entirety of Team OMORI, including our overseas affiliates".

A project team was established last year, with a view to ascertaining what lies at the heart of "Shozo Omori-ism" - the thinking of the late Company founder, Shozo Omori, who passed away last year. The intention of the project team is to establish how these concepts can be passed on to the younger generation and efforts in these areas are continuing. A handbook will be prepared and shared throughout the Company, including overseas locations, as a means of establishing the spiritual foundation upon which the Company is based. Without thinking together and sharing on what is required of Team OMORI and what we should be striving for, we will never be able to step up to the next level.

This year is the year of the dog. The Chinese character for dog (戌) is made up of two components, “一” and “戈” (a halberd), which is a bladed instrument, designed for harvesting crops in clumps. If the year of the bird (酉) is said to represent crops ready for harvest, the year of the dog (戌) could be interpreted as the stage that follows a harvest. In this the 4th Three Year Plan, which is currently underway, we will look to further boosting synergies with our five overseas subsidiaries, using Omori Japan as a key cornerstone for action. This year I would like to see Team OMORI mature just like the harvested crop is processed, stored and ripened into something delectable.

This year marks the 70th year since the Company's founding (1948). Our goal as a company is to meet the expectations of our customers while wearing this sense of history, and our OMORI SPIRITS, on our sleeves. I ask for your continued guidance and encouragement in this matter.

Finally, I pray that this year brings with it countless blessings for you all.

Omori Machinery Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Toshio Omori


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