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We want to continue contributing to people's lives through

Since our founding in 1948, Omori has always fulfilled the needs of our customers while continuing to take on the challenges of the times. In the more than 75 years since our founding, we have witnessed various milestones in the transition of the Japanese food culture and lifestyle, and have continued to shape our customers’ dreams.

We have grown this far by continuing to face challenges and expanding aggressively around the world over the past 75 years, not only in the food industry but also in the pharmaceutical and household industries. This is also thanks to all of you who have given our company the opportunity to face challenges.

With the need for diversity in the coming years due to the great changes of the times, we would like to create a new era together with you by constantly taking on new challenges based on the firm foundation of “Omori Spirits”, the core of our company, passed down from our founder.

We will continue to strive to contribute to the lives of everyone around the world through “packaging”.


Beyond customer satisfaction – making a contribution to the world by developing quality packaging systems

For more than half a century, Omori has been a pioneer in packaging machine technology.
Packaging protects commodities, improves presentation and portability、increasing marketing impact through print and graphics – these are some of the many merits of packaging. Our constant aim is “pack cleaner, pack faster and keep products fresher” and we will continue to pursue the possibilities of packaging which leads to the enrichment and safety of peoples’ lives.

Realizing customers’dreams

We inherited our unswerving determination from our founder. We don’t give up easily and rise to a challenge in order to realize our customers’ dreams, using a combination of our long experience and the creation of innovative technology. This attitude takes us from strength to strength, confident in our future.

Further globalization

We will continue in our drive for globalization, inspired by the needs of our customers around the World, producing packaging systems not only in Japan but also in China and in India. Ensuring a high level of after-sales support, we will always be able to offer the most effective solution to our customers, though our tenacious spirit and the latest technology.

Feel free to contact us about your packaging needs.

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