Available Packaging Configurations

Product Features

  1. A compact intermittent cartoner that can handle a wide range of products and commodities such as pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and non-pharmaceutical products.
  2. Realizes low power consumption and inexpensive maintenance cost by reducing the number of drives to one.
  3. Machine structure does not obstruct the operator's view, allowing visual observation of the operation in progress.
  4. Minimal part sizes contribute to faster size changeover.

Packageable items

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics

Product Specifications

Model X1 XL1
Sealing method Hot melt Hot melt
Speed MAX.140 cartons/min. MAX.90 cartons/min.
Case size Width : 15~105mm
Height : 12~90mm
Length : 65~220mm
Width : 15~165mm
Height : 12~100mm
Length : 65~220mm
Case size diagram
Power consumption 3-phase 200V 4kVA 3-phase 200V 4kVA
Machine weight Approx. 1,500kg Approx. 1,600kg

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