Available Packaging Configurations

Product Features

  1. A wraparound cartoner with a single blank sheet to achieve a tight finish.
  2. Has a standard-equipped color LCD screen.
  3. Conveys products on a flat surface, making it suitable for multiple products and collected products.
  4. Size change is by handle scale system, which provides restorability and easy operation.
  5. Allows installation of various enhanced optional devices.

Packageable items

  • Japanese and Western confectionery
  • Beverages
  • Daily Goods and Sanitary Products

Product Specifications

Model RCS-300 Specific model range
Sealing method Hot melt Hot melt
Speed MAX.30 cartons/min. 10~40 cartons/min.
Case size Width : 130mm~260mm
Height : 60mm~120mm
Length : 120mm~180mm
Width : MAX. 400mm
Height : MAX. 150mm
Length : MAX. 330mm
Case size diagram
Power consumption 3-phase 200V 18kVA 3-phase 200V 18kVA
Machine weight Approx. 1,300kg Approx. 1,300kg

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