Available Packaging Configurations

Product Features

  1. A gluing and sealing machine that can handle one-touch boxes.
  2. After product is fed, it folds minor flaps and cover panel, and hot-melt seals the box.
  3. Compact with a length from box receipt to box sealing of 1 meter.
  4. Has a built-in positioning device to prevent misalignment and realize beautifully sealed cartons.
  5. Cartons adhere during crimping to ensure reliable sealing.
  6. The unit structure makes expansion to printers and other equipment easy.

Packageable items

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics

Product Specifications

Model C3-20
Sealing method Outer gluing and sealing
Speed MAX.20 cartons/min.
Case size Width : 40mm~200mm
Height : 75mm~200mm
Length : 70mm~200mm
Case size diagram
Power consumption 3-phase 200V 11kVA
Machine weight Approx. 500kg

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