Personal Information Protection Policy

Our company recognizes the importance of personal information protection and is committed to protecting personal information in accordance with the policies set forth below.

  1. Observance of Laws and Regulations When collecting, using or handling personal information for any purpose, we shall observe the laws, policies established by the government, and all other regulations.
  2. Use of Personal Information We shall only use personal information within the scope for which we obtained consent when collecting such information, and we shall not use personal information for any other purposes. In addition, we shall take the necessary measures to prevent personal information from being used for any other purposes.
  3. Collecting Personal Information When collecting personal information, we shall clearly specify the purposes of its use, and collect only the necessary amount of personal information.
  4. Management System In order to manage personal information, we shall appoint a person in charge of its management, and build a necessary management system. In addition, we shall strive for management transparency by providing an Enquiry service.
  5. Safety Management Measures We shall adopt rigorous safety measures when managing personal information, and implement suitable modifications to prevent personal information from being accessed without authorization, lost, damaged, altered or leaked.
  6. Responding to Complaints and ENQuiries We shall provide an Enquiry service related to personal information protection and offer a prompt and suitable response to any Enquiry or complaint regarding personal information disclosure, modifications, removal, or similar matters.
  7. Continuous Improvement We shall keep our employees and all other related personnel thoroughly informed of these policies which we shall implement, preserve, and continue to improve.

Establishment date: June 1, 2015
Omori Machinery Co., Ltd.
Toshio Omori
CEO and President

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