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Early years of Shozo Omori.
Omori way to success.
Birth and development of "Omori Machinery Industry
Automatic Filling and Tying machine from Japan
Global expansion.
6.The 30th anniversary year a fresh resolve.
Commemorating Story for the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of the company by Shozo Omori

Developed a fully automatic filling and clipping machine, the first one in Japan

Shozo Omori and wrapping machine maker Omori Machinery Company sprang into prominence with the development of the Kurehalon Packer. The next remit was to make a fully automatic machine which would not just close the end of the bag but fill a certain amount of meat into the bag with both ends being closed automatically. This was the opportunity that Omori as a mechanic had cherished for a long time; to realize the dream of creating a fully automated machine.
But this was a machine nobody had yet made in Japan. Omori absorbed himself in this development. After struggling against heavy odds for over 2 years, in 1960 he finally completed the first Fully Automated filling and clipping machine in Japan satisfactorily.
When the new machine was switched on, it sent out the packaged sausage automatically like magic. The deputy plant manager of Rinken Industry Shimonoseki Plant, who requested the development of this epoch-making mechanism was struck with admiration. This machine known as OKKP New Packer started a revolution in the foodstuff and wrapping machine industry.

New development with the belief "To make a machine useful for humans".

In 1961 Omori Machinery Industry built a new factory in a 3 storied, reinforced concrete building. The company was now gaining a reputation as a Wrapping machine maker both in name and reality. A new opportunity arose in 1962. This was a proposal from the joint venture company Asahi Dow - Asahi Kasei in Japan and Dow Chemical, an American chemical company. It wanted to develop an automatic filling/tying machine aiming at mass sales of Saran film, a product of the company. It had obtained the know-how of a Machine by the American Mayer Cartridge Company and wanted to produce this machine domestically.
This development was a first experience for the Omori Company as it first had to read and understand the drawing made by the American maker. As a result a fully automated vertical filling and clipping machine was completed. This machine was called A.D.P. (Asahi Dow Packer) and over 1000 machines were produced and sold globally until around 1977.

Amazing progress by successively developing new products ahead of their time

To make a machine beneficial to people. To make a machine nobody has yet made. Rise to the challenge of difficult remits. With such attitudes and beliefs held by Shozo Omori, the wrapping machine maker Omori Machinery Company started to make steady progress. The Solid Item Automatic Wrapping Machine OKK New Wrapper was completed in 1964. This new wrapper came into rapid widespread use as the wrapping machine for the instant Ramen noodles.
In 1967 Sausage and Loose item wrapping plant No.1 machines were delivered to the user plant that was the beginning of a new policy of wrapping line formation and system installation.

In 1971 the High Speed Deep Draw automatic vacuum wrapping machine FV-501 type was developed along with an automatic feed device. In 1973 an Automatic Vertical Pillow Wrapping machine for liquid foods and the automatic Raw Konyaku packing line were completed. In 1974 the stretch wrapping machine ST-6090 was developed which received the “5th Automated Machine Development Award" from the Machine Promotion Association. Omori Machinery Industry had continued to make amazingly rapid progress since its founding.

In 1975 they developed Practical Wrapper C-27 and Deep Draw type Vacuum wrapping machine MS-20 to meet demand for a low cost simple wrapping machine. In 1978-80 Omori introduced the Skin type Vacuum packaging system machine for sliced ham, an Automatic Tray Forming Skin Type Vacuum Packaging Machine, and the multi-lane Form Fill Seal Sachet Machine for powder PF-800, were developed. In March 1980 development of the computer controlled High Speed Ham Slicer HM-600 was successfully completed as a follow-up to the Robot type Sliced Ham Automated feed. The unmanned production line from Slicer to FV Deep Draw Vacuum Wrapping Machine was complete.
During this period the Company made steady inroads to foreign markets through Technical Tie-up and Sales Agency agreements with companies in UK, Netherlands and USA respectively.

In 1967, Shozo Omori helped establish the Japan Packaging Machinery Association, and assumed the position of Founding Chairman.

In 1980 his brilliant, individual achievement was acknowledged with a Blue Ribbon Award.
Reading the company history gives the impression of a ship running before a favorable wind in full sail. However, needless to say, behind the scenes there were blood & sweat efforts not only by Shozo Omori himself but also the Company employees and supporters.

In February 1984, the small Press Die manufacturing plant that became Omori Machinery Company was ready for its next major challenge.

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